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Butt plug makes this girl grool

Butt plug grool

The camera is pretty shaky in the beginning but once it’s all settled with the butt plug in that ass you get the see the beauty of this video.
The grool man, the grool. Her pussy lips are wide open and the grool just builds up while also staying in one place. It’s not until she squirts does the grool slowly leak out. You see just how thick it is by how slow it moves. Beautiful.

Grool quality: 4/5. Nice thick white grool.
Hotness: 3/5. No face so we gotta judge the body/pussy. Nice pink pussy with wide spread lips.
Enjoyability: 4/5. Love the thick grool. Can’t blame the squirt for making it drip though.

Riley Reid Grooling It

Riley Reid Doggystyle Grool

Beautiful. I already love doggystyle as is but wow look at that grool drip down that pussy. It’s a short clip but it captures the moment Riley’s pussy leaks and drips grool.

Grool quality: 4/5. This is the proper way a pussy should grool.
Hotness: 4/5. Can’t see her face but the pussy’s good enough.
Enjoyability: 5/5. This should be the goal of fucking a girl doggystyle.

Olvia Adams Mastubating Compilation

Olivia Adams Clear Cum

That see-through chair is perfect for these videos. Not only do you get an awesome view of the action but also the natural angle of the way the girl is sitting or posing. At 2:27(and other parts of the clip) there’s a clear sticky grool that drips right down to the glass table, very easy to miss.

Grool quality: 2/5. You really have to keep your eyes open for it but it’s there!
Hotness: 4/5. Nice clean trimmed pussy.
Enjoyability: 5/5. Whoo, man that under-glass angle is hot. I love the non traditional angles and point of view. Oh yeah, that pussy is wet!

Olivia Adams’ Spidey Web Grool

Olivia Adams' Sticky Grool

Trimmed but not waxed, standing instead of sitting, and a good ol’ rub down, What’s all this get us? A sticky grool web.

Grool quality: 3/5. This is the kind of grool that’s probably better to feel and touch.
Hotness: 4/5. If you know who Olivia Adams is then you know she’s pretty hot.
Enjoyability: 4/5. Not the grooliest video but the girl puts on a sexy show.

Bianca’s Cream Filled Hole

Bianca's Honey Pot

Pro tip: Many FTV girls can get pretty grooly, no exception here. This clip has a great creamy finish to it. It’s probably like eating a cream-filled donut.

Grool quality: 4/5. This is like a full glass of water, one little bump(or push) and it just goes splash.
Hotness: 4/5. Cute little blonde chick.
Enjoyability: 4.5 Bianca literally just squeezes the juice out of her love hole.

Momo Himeno Doggystyle Grool

Momo Himeno Creamy Pussy

What a marvel this video is. This isn’t the first time I’ve come across Momo Himeno grooling. She has a pussy made for grool. Getting fucked doggystyle makes her pussy just oozes gooey white cream .

Grool quality: 5/5. Excellent grool. Not only is the pussy full of it but the cock is covered in it too.
Hotness: 3/5. Gotta be honest here. That pussy is hot though.
Enjoyability: 5/5. You gotta just watch how that pussy gets rammed and grools. Great camera angle.

Feisty Chick Grool Compilation

Feisty Chick Cum Compilation

Here’s a compilation of a feisty little girl. She has this look in her eyes that just captures your attention. She’s not shy at all when it comes to showing off her pussy. She wastes no time in opening up those inner thighs and getting to work. Holy hell does that pussy look perfect. It’s a nice little mound, with the lips at just the right length. A small tiny patch of hair above that mound makes for a nice touch. I can almost guarantee a perfect camel toe. Call me crazy but I wanna see her with clothes on now.

This girl does it all. Unbelievable how fast she can make herself squirt. She also gets grooly, can stretch and gape her pussy like a motherfucker, does anal and DPs, shit!

This compilation is a must watch. This girl’s energy and enthusiasm alone gives you an idea of how she’d fuck.

Girl Erupts Grool

Creamy Cum Explosion

This clip jumps right into some steamy fingering action. Caution here. This girl gets wet. I’m talking soaking geyser, fountain waterfall wet. Once she cums, there’s just splash damage everywhere. There’s just an eruption of milky grool in which she takes and rubs all over her already wet pussy. Talk about efficiency and recycling.

The fact that she uses a towel must mean that she always gets this wet and can cum this much. There’s a lot more mind-blowing fingering since she stays so moist. There’s also a bit of showing off her stickiness. Pretty legit for grool to stick to your fingers like that.

She must be so so wet and ready to fuck.

Thick Latina Soaks up the Couch

BBW Latina Gushes All Over the Couch

Chubby? Fat? Who cares? It’s all about the ass, titties, and pussy. I love them thick and juicy anyways. Holy fuck man how hot is this video? Legs up, toes curled, and pussy juice all over. This is the stuff dreams are made of. This image alone is great but we got a whole video.

Simply beautiful watching her hold that position while mashing on her sugar walls with that toy. Her pussy is just leaking and dripping with grool and squirt juice. Watch how soaked that chair gets. I am sorta disappointed in that cameraman though. I expected that juicy wet hole to get smashed by hard cock.